Legal and fiscal advice
in compliance and anti-money laundering matters

Thanks to our long-term experience in the field of corporate governance and anti-money laundering, our firm offers a consultancy service to banks, financial and trust companies, family offices and insurance companies.

We have an international team made of different groups based in Switzerland (Canton of Ticino, Lugano, Geneva and Lausanne), Malta and San Marino.
The team includes 18 experts, many of whom were part of the team who did a consultancy service for the project “Voluntary Disclosure” managed by the firm, and it is coordinated by Senior Partner, lawyer Elio Blasio, supported by:
- An Advisory Board including experts in the field from the academic, professional and institutional world, that will give you a legal opinion.
- A Training Department to ensure a specialized training with workshops for the clients and the specific jurisdictions.
- A Study and Research Division to allow a continuous and in-depth update about normative, practice and law concerning the field the team work in.

As we all known, the risks that a financial intermediary may face in the event of a tax infringement are significant: not only does this entail financial consequences – including the payment of a fine – but above all potential criminal problems that may involve those responsible for the company, with legal implications and damage to the reputation of the company itself. For this reason it is important to intervene promptly, inform the company’s top management of any problems and provide a timely solution in compliance with international guidelines.

It is therefore essential to closely monitor the most risky activities, such as the verification of an adequate provisioning system relating to legal risks, in addition to the mandatory reporting to the relevant authorities (FINMA) and to the Supervisory Commission on the CDB 03/08, regarding banks’ due diligence obligations.
Our firms also pays close attention to the risks of money laundering associated with the recent development of cryptocurrency alternatives to bitcoin and sometimes able to provide a high degree of anonymity, despite the fact that in Europe the node flows are increasingly regulated, first and foremost in relation to exchange platforms.

The correct identification of the beneficial owner, as well as the application of the so-called rule “know your client” and the origin of the funds, are therefore becoming increasingly important, as is the contextualisation with respect to what is outlined in the recent regulations on CRS (Common Reporting Standard) and the conventions for the avoidance of double taxation.
Finally, we can count on team members who have worked for many years in financial law enforcement authorities and on partnerships with international companies from Financial & Risk Intelligence sector: this makes our firm the ideal partner for specialised advice related to money laundering prevention and corporate governance.

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Legal and fiscal advice in compliance
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