Blasio Legal Advisors is certificated as Corporate Advisor of Malta Stock Exchange Prospects

We are glad to announce that our firm is certificated as Corporate Advisor of Malta Stock Exchange – Prospects M.T.F. (Multilateral Trade Facility).
For Italian SMEs the Prospect segment of the Malta Stock Exchange is the equivalent of AIM Italy, the Italian Stock Exchange market dedicated to small and medium SMEs.
Following the introduction of the ministerial decree implementing the provisions of the 2018 Italian Budget Act, Art.1 par. 89, SMEs can apply for a tax credit on 50% of the consulting costs incurred for the listing in a regulated market or in multilateral trading systems of a EU member state or of a state belonging to the European economic area. In particular, the tax credit up to an amount of 500.000 € incurred for consultancy costs related to the listing process includes all costs for this purpose.

Thanks to extremely short procedures in terms of time and costs which are much lower than those incurred in other regulated markets such as AIM, the Malta Stock Exchange – Prospects M.T.F. represents an excellent opportunity for all financially outstanding SMEs that can enter the international stock markets.
Our firm, based in Malta since 2016, includes Italian lawyers with 20 years of experience in Corporate Governance. We can help SMEs with legal advice in order to achieve the listing.

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